A Second Journey: Arrival

I am happy to say that I have successfully made the leap across the pond, and am now preparing for bed.  I slept about two or three hours on the plane, which is better than nothing certainly, but I’m ready to get some rest for sure… especially after the trauma of yesterday.

I still feel very empty without Oleta… I guess I probably will the whole trip.  I keep brushing my fingers against something soft on the floor, and thinking it’s Oleta, or searching for her leash, or getting ready to feed or take her out.  It was seriously one of the strangest things not going outside five or so times today to take Oleta to the bathroom.  My cane needs much less care, but it is also distinctly uncuddly and does not give kisses or play hide and seek… well, actually, that may be the one thing Oleta and my cane have in common.  Hide and seek is one of their favorite games.

After today, I have realized that I am definitely less confident without her, in travel and just in general.  It’s frustrating, because I literally feel like I am missing half of myself, and am not quite sure how to compensate for the loss.

Anyway, all that said, I still can’t quite believe I’m here.  My team members are wonderful.  Everyone seems really down to Earth and I’m thrilled to be working with this group!

I’ll write more tomorrow as we’ve turned the lights off and it’s time to sleep.  Night then.

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