The Sleeping Situation

Sleeping is not something I do especially often, or especially well. I think it’s mostly music school that has convinced me that sleep is actually a luxury rather than a necessity, but several people I know and trust tell me it’s actually an essential function that allows the body and mind to rest and regenerate before another busy day.
Our leaders here at the Airdrie church take this idea to heart, which is why they have provided the team with safe rooms full of beds, pillows, and blankets to help facilitate this essential function of life. Yes, it’s all very novel to me.
There are two rooms, to be precise, one for boys and one for us girls. They are both fitted with several bunk beds. With five girls in one room, it’s a bit cramped, but also quite cosy. It reminds me a lot of the nights we spent as kids at outdoor school and space camp.
It does, unfortunately, make posting blogs a bit difficult late at night, as after the light goes out, I can’t keep four girls up with my typing… And the lights are off, and our curfew is long passed… Whoops. I will get into the grouped of writing more during the daytime in the next few days. Fear not. I will get all of tall up to speed tomorrow.

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