Our Services

Opportunity Unleashed offers music therapy, animal assisted therapy, and music lessons (virtually and in person) to people of all ages and abilities. At Opportunity Unleashed, we recognize every person’s God-given potential for growth and positive change. We believe that every obstacle can become an opportunity with the right tools and attitude. We would be glad to help you or your loved one make the most of those opportunities as you continue in your journey.

Virtual Services

Due to the current crisis, we have begun offering virtual services to some client groups. If you are interested in private online sessions, please get in touch for a consultation, or consider expressing interest in one of our virtual group sessions (€5/30 minutes).

Option 1Music-led meditation and relaxation A session intended to help you relax through 30 minutes of carefully chosen music intervention.
Option 2Just Me and My Dog, Bonding and Relaxation Session Stress is rampant not only among we humans, but in our canine friends and partners as well. Join Shea and her dog Prim for 30 minutes of music-led massage and meditation to help both you and your best friend relax.
Option 3The Psalm Sessions, Meditating on the truths of God’s word through music One of the most ancient examples of music as therapy is David’s use of the harp for Solomon’s headaches, and his use of songwriting to process his own life experiences in the Psalms. In this session, we will join David in that tradition through musical reflection, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving as healing treatment for both mind and body. 

In Person Services 

Private Music TherapyEach 30 to 45 minute session is conducted one-on-one with the music therapist and is tailored to the client’s unique goals, needs, and interests.
Family oriented music therapyEach 30 to 45 minute session is designed to support and strengthen special relationships between 1, two, or three family members. These sessions are subject to certain conditions due to Covid19. 
Animal-assisted music therapy30-minute MT sessions assisted by certified service dog, Prim.
Voice Lessons30 to 60 minute lessons focussed on supporting and improving the client’s vocal ability and general musical skill. 
Piano Lessons30 to 60 minute lessons focused on improving piano technique, ear training, and improvisational skill.
Adaptive Music Lessons30 to 60 minute music lessons designed to support any individual with unique challenges in developing their musical skill. 

Note: We are currently seeking a suitable space to hold in-person sessions and lessons. If you are interested in in-person services, please get in touch and you will be placed on our waiting list. If interested, you may also b considered for in-home services.

Schedule your free consultation today by emailing Contact.OpportunityUnleashed@gmail.com or fill out the form below.