Scotland Trip: Scottish Food, Floors, and Violence (By Oleta Renee)

Mom asked me to write this post tonight, as she says she’s exhausted, and needs her beauty rest for tomorrow… and I don’t? That’s alright though, as she’s not let me write in quite a while.  I’ll pick up the story where Shea left off.

So, Saturday… we finally got off the flying machine at around 9:30 that morning.  I was glad to finally get up, as I’d been curled in the same position for about 6 and a half hours on a barely carpeted floor.  Honestly, the least they could do is provide a cushion or something, or maybe just include built in beds for we canine passengers.  Why not?  They provide humans with seats after all.

Anyway, when we got out, the friendly immigration staff (Mom says that’s an oxymoron) gave me some water, and a lot of attention.  I don’t know what Shea’s talking about.  They were beyond civil toward me.  We waited around for a bit, then went to a room where a man scanned my micro chip and check my papers, to make sure I’m not a criminal, and we finally headed outdoors.  The air was cool and crisp, nothin like the hot, sticky air we had left behind in Maryland.  We got in a little car, and Shea tried to convince me not to sit next to her on the seat; she was not successful, as usual.  Car floors are dirty, cramped, loud, and uncomfortable; the only possible benefit lies in the possibility of food left by previous passengers.  I caught a nap while Shea chatted with the two people in the front of the cvar, Beth, our hostess, and Patrick, our team leader.  When we finally arrived at Beth’s flat, as they call it (which I don’t understand because it’s definitely not flat, you even have to go up stairs to get there!), and put down our things in our room.  I immediately got to work (this is a mission trip after all) cleaning her kitchen and living room floors.  

After a shower and a baked potato for Shea, we settled down for another nap, which for Shea turned out to be five hours long.  Can that be considered a nap?  That evening, we walked to the church for a prayer meeting for the unsaved.  There, we met two more people with funny accents, (there seem to be a lot of those around here), the church pack leader, as it were, and one of the elders.  Thankfully, the room we were in was carpeted, and I fell asleep again.  Traveling is an exhausting business.

Sunday we woke up at a relatively reasonable hour, though Shea woke up before me, which will not be happening again.  We went to the church for a morning bible study, prayer meeting, and worship service.  There were lots of new people, and a few asked if they could give me a “clap”, which apparently translates to “pet” in English.  Either way, I got lots of them from people in the congregation, especially the kids, or, as someone called them, the weans (pronounced wanes).  Human language is fascinating.

After church, we headed over to a friend’s flat, which was also not flat, and I cleaned her floors too while Shea, Beth, Patrick, and several people from the church had a home-cooked meal.  Apparently it was delicious,, steak pie.  Shea didn’t give me a taste, although I would imagine that anything with the word steak in it would be delicious… mm.

Sunday night was another church service (which meant more attention, Win!) and then the younger people gathered at Beth’s not flat for some hang out time.  For me, that meant floor cleaning duty again! and boy was I successful!  She didn’t have to sweep up one popcorn kernel after that shindig.  Oh, and Shea got pegged in the head with a mobile phone.  I wasn’t worried, since she was laughing, and since I know she has a really hard head, but I do understand now why Shea has to have international insurance.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on people in case of violence from now on.

Right then.  Shea can put this up later.  I’m off to get some rest.  


Scotland Trip: We are here!

Guess where I am! I’ll give you three guesses… it might have something to do with the title of this post.

We are here, safe and mostly sound in the lovely country of Scotland! I am quite tired, even after my five hour nap today, so I am keeping this short. I just wanted y’all to know that yes, we did make it! I can’t believe it! Perhaps it will sink in tomorrow. I will also give a more detailed account of our trip in a post tomorrow. For now, here’s a list of some new words I’ve noticed, just for fun.

1. Lovely: this word is of course used in the U.S., but here it is MUCH more common. It’s really a nice word. “Have a lovely time here in Scotland.” “The weather has been lovely.” “oh, that’s lovely.”

2. RIght: sort of our equivalent of “okay”, or “let’s see”. Right then…

3. Hi-ya: I guess we have this phrase in the states, but you don’t hear it much. Here, everyone seems to be using it, especially to answer the phone, or at the grocery store register.

4. CHeers: a salutation, sort of a combination of, “see you, thanks, have a good day”

5. Aye: a word for yes. I knew people used this word, but I did not think it all that common. On the contrary, I have heard it multiple times from people today, throughout the airport and about. Pretty cool. It sounds so old fashioned and lovely.

The weather today was quite nice, sunny during the day ann in the mid 50’s. I was comfortable in my short sleeved shirt, though in the evening the temperature dropped, the myst started falling, and I had to put on my long sleeve shirt and jacket. Because of our northern latitude here, the sun stays up much later, and didn’t set until somewhere between 9 and 10 tonight. Weird! I felt as if it was 7:30 or so and it was really 10. We will be here during the longest day of the year, June 21. It will be interesting to see when the sun finally sets that day.

I reckon the sun will be up earlier than I’m used to as well, so perhaps I should get to bed before I lose all chance of a good night’s sleep. Until tomorrow.