A Second Journey: Monday, Tuesday, and the Scottish Tropics

Note: This is a post concerning Monday and Tuesday of this week, but a quick update on our current situation.  We are currently in Lewis, and our internet is a bit spotty, which is why I was unable to post yesterday, but I will do my best to get these posts up before the internet fails again and do the same tomorrow.  Right then… Now you know. Monday and Tuesday…

Monday was our free day for the week.  Three of us went to Glasgow to do a bit of gift shopping and go to the Glasgow botanical gardens.  We did find a few fun charity shops, and though the gardens were not extensive, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the rooms of different plants and laughing with my two lovely friends.

My favorite plants included:

1. A tree with strange, feathery soft leaves.  They were a silvery color and perfect for an elvish forest like Lothlorien.

2. The banana and passion fruit trees.  We took a picture under them to show our Floridian teammate (who has been complaining of being freezing the whole time haha) that we had visited the tropics of Scotland, and he missed it!

3. The coffee and chocolate trees, both of which I considered trying to take back to my friend as a peace offering, but it turns out trees are actually kind of hard to steal.

4. The plastic willow! It was seriously like that!  It is a willow-like tree with thin, perfectly rectangular branches that feel like plastic!  I have never seen anything like it!  Apparently it is native to Australia.

5. The curly bush! Also awesome.  A plant that when you touch its leaves, they roll up!

So, I don’t think any of these plants were native to Scotland, but they were fun to see!  Our fearless leader managed a delicious lasagna for dinner, and some of the team went with CY friends to see Jurassic World at the cinema.  I had no desire to watch fake dinosaurs rip people apart, so I stayed behind with another team member and someone from the Airdrie church.  As far as I was concerned, those three hours we spent in conversation on the kitchen floor were much more enjoyable than anything playing at the movie theatre.

Tuesday was another day with little scheduled.  After regular team time and practicing the Good Samaritan skit, we dispersed to pursue some of our own aims… these included laundry, church cleaning, reading, and one of the team went with some of the Airdrie congregation to an art show.  It was a lovely, relaxing day, and gave us a chance to prepare for our weekend away in Lewis.