A Second Journey: Packing Makes Possible

Thursday May 21, 2015

It’s a year after my last packing post, and I’m positively pumped to be writing another one!

Packing is always difficult for me… I love clothes, and it’s always a challenge to figure out which ones should go, and which ones should stay.  I feel like this process could make a really good reality TV show.

*Next up, The Suitcase.  Watch as Shea struggles to decide whether to bring her pink scarf to Scotland, and then, the shoes.  Is five pairs too excessive for a six week mission trip?  And should she bring two of the same blouse in different colors?  Find out, on the next episode of Suitcase, only on SMT.*

SMT meaning Shea’s Mission Trip, because I’m not feeling creative enough to invent some other network, and because a TV channel with reality TV shows covering only this mission trip could probably be pretty entertaining.  Haha.

Anyway, I’m also procrastinating packing because my visa has not yet arrived in the mail, and if it doesn’t by tomorrow morning, I will have packed for nothing.  I do not want to have to face that reality and unpack things.  Still, if it does come tomorrow, then I need to be ready to leave, and if I have any faith in God’s plan for this venture, I need to be ready for either outcome, not fear one so much that I can’t prepare for the other.  So, packing my things will at least make my departure possible.  Here’s to hope in tomorrow, and the plenty possibilities that packing can produce!