Thankful for Tools | 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 2

In my kitchen, we have a table with four chairs.  It’s quite an ordinary table… not especially fancy, not especially ratchet (surprising for an apartment full of jobless graduates and students), but there is one ratchet chair amongst the four which I always avoid.  Every time I sit on it, it tilts, and I look down to find one leg at an alarmingly awkward angle.

The first time I noticed this, I alerted my roommates, and rushed to my zebra-print tool kit, which randomly appeared in my closet a few months ago, to search for a wrench, but was unsuccessful.  Thus, the chair has remained lame for weeks upon weeks, and somehow, by the grace of God, neither me nor any of my three roommates have gone tumbling to the laminate with the sudden collapse of the untended limb.

Finally, though, I decided enough was enough.  I was sure I had pliers, and reasoned that a pair of pliers would be more adept than my fingers at re-screwing the wanton bolts into place.  Of course, the moment I overturned the chair and began the operation, my blind roommate appeared in the doorway, in search of her coffee and bagel on the table.  As the way was currently blocked, I hurriedly called out a warning to stop, before my patient was injured further and I would need something more than pliers to repair the damage to both furniture and roommate.  I handed her the  sought food items, then returned to my work.  A brief examination revealed that, actually, two of the legs had loose bolts, so I attended to both, and after a good deal of growling and difficulty, the task was complete.

My ratchet chair now stands unevenly, but with all four legs firmly in place, and I am very thankful that my toolkit had pliers, and that they can serve, at lease semi-successfully, as a makeshift wrench.  Three cheers for tools, and three cheers for chairs that won’t give way at any moment.

A Second Journey: Packing Makes Possible

Thursday May 21, 2015

It’s a year after my last packing post, and I’m positively pumped to be writing another one!

Packing is always difficult for me… I love clothes, and it’s always a challenge to figure out which ones should go, and which ones should stay.  I feel like this process could make a really good reality TV show.

*Next up, The Suitcase.  Watch as Shea struggles to decide whether to bring her pink scarf to Scotland, and then, the shoes.  Is five pairs too excessive for a six week mission trip?  And should she bring two of the same blouse in different colors?  Find out, on the next episode of Suitcase, only on SMT.*

SMT meaning Shea’s Mission Trip, because I’m not feeling creative enough to invent some other network, and because a TV channel with reality TV shows covering only this mission trip could probably be pretty entertaining.  Haha.

Anyway, I’m also procrastinating packing because my visa has not yet arrived in the mail, and if it doesn’t by tomorrow morning, I will have packed for nothing.  I do not want to have to face that reality and unpack things.  Still, if it does come tomorrow, then I need to be ready to leave, and if I have any faith in God’s plan for this venture, I need to be ready for either outcome, not fear one so much that I can’t prepare for the other.  So, packing my things will at least make my departure possible.  Here’s to hope in tomorrow, and the plenty possibilities that packing can produce!